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Research & Consulting

Our team of experts and engineers ensures:

  • The completion of a specific technical proposal, describing the steps of the study and the methods and resources employed
  • Setting up means adapted to the objectives
  • The information of the customer, at each stage, of the conditions of advancement of the project
  • At each stage, the control and validation of the results Confidentiality of data and results
  • Confidentiality of data and results


We guarantee for the trainings:

  • Taking into account and respecting the needs of the company and the candidates by designing and developing customized training programs
  • An adapted and innovative pedagogy, animation and training materials
  • Trainers with technical and pedagogical skills validated by a permanent upgrade, a significant experience. All our trainers are experts in their field and share their time between training and practical realization in the form of studies
  • A continuous improvement approach thanks to:
    • Questionnaires of satisfaction systematically completed by trainees at the end of their training, then processed and analyzed in real time
    • A post-training follow-up to assist, at his request, any candidate in the form of telephone support or email
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